3.5-2229 7 jaar geleden Add a check for a shared polarssl library. This checks to see that the system version is new enough, and is compiled with havege support.
3.5-2228 7 jaar geleden [Netplay] Read dual core setting before syncing it with clients.
3.5-2227 7 jaar geleden fix android.
3.5-2224 7 jaar geleden [Android] Fix the video settings from crashing the app. Was broke in the commit "Removal of my terrible idea" https://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/source/detail?r=2897619ddbd3e3aae8427fc503647c65e770...
3.5-2223 7 jaar geleden [ARM] Merge a bunch of arithmetic JIT instructions and rapid prototyping of a bunch more.
3.5-2222 7 jaar geleden rename vertex streaming hack tooltip
3.5-2221 7 jaar geleden ogl: reorder driver extensions checks
3.5-2220 7 jaar geleden Removal of my terrible idea.
3.5-2219 7 jaar geleden [Android] Fix fastmem and enable.
3.5-2218 7 jaar geleden Fix Non-GLES run path in videosoftware for the previous commit.
3.5-2216 7 jaar geleden Fix an accidental duplicate if-statement handling of 0x1007 in WII_IPC_HLE_Device_net.cpp
3.5-2215 7 jaar geleden A few more warnings.
3.5-2214 7 jaar geleden More warnings: mark/avert truncating conversions from float.
3.5-2213 7 jaar geleden MSVC warnings.
3.5-2212 7 jaar geleden More trivial warning fixes.
3.5-2211 7 jaar geleden Fix IOCTLV_SO_GETADDRINFO.
3.5-2210 7 jaar geleden Fix use of deprecated APIs in IOdarwin.mm.
3.5-2209 7 jaar geleden Fix use of deprecated screen resolution API.
3.5-2208 7 jaar geleden A bunch of trivial changes to fix clang warnings.
3.5-2207 7 jaar geleden [Android] Fix the last commit. On-screen control drawing wouldn't re-enable upon flipping video backends.